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News List > Cowala Infant Formula gaining popularity in Korea


Cowala Infant Formula gaining popularity in Korea

Date: 26 May 2014

It has been recently released that Cowala Infant Formula is gaining popularity in Korea, according to CNBNEWS which is one of Korean major websites.

New Zealand is considered as one of the purest and cleanest countries globally in terms of environment. The government is looking after their land very well and nuclear weapons are not acceptable in the country. Therefore, its dairy products position less risk, such as heavy metals and contamination, to consumers, especially babies. It is said that Cowala’s New Zealand origin will make it more favourable to Korean parents than their domestic infant formula products.

Cowala Infant Formula is currently being sold online via main internet stores in Korea such as, and, as well as physical stores including the Lotte Department Stores, Shinsegae Department Stores and Hyundai Department Stores. These are SSG premium supermarkets where parents are likely to look for products for their baby in Korea.

In order to meet the demand of Korean consumers for Cowala infant formula, Cowala is entering more major shops in Korea and other countries. Its recognition and market acceptance are looking to ascend around the world as well.