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News List1 tin of Cowala, 10c of Love Donating Plan Officailly Launched


1 tin of Cowala, 10c of Love Donating Plan Officailly Launched

Date: 23 Sep 2015

Last week, on the 23rd September, Cowala was once again in the spotlight; this time at Evergrande GMP’s Charity Event.

Evergrande has always been enthusiastic about public welfare; they have participated in donating to the fields of people’s livelihood, education, sports, culture and other social activities. Their total charitable donation amount is up to $25 billion yuan. Evergrande Group’s Chairperson Mr Xu Jia Ying has been awarded with China’s highest government award – the “China Charity Award”, 6 years in a row.

Likewise, here at GMP we also believe we’ve got a responsibility to give back to our local communities. Supporting charity is part of our tradition. Every year we help set up and support educational and charitable programs designed to help a wide range of people and communities. GMP Dairy has been an active part of New Zealand communities since 2012. We were also one of the biggest sponsors during the Charity Auction Night for Children with Autism held in June by Young Business Women in NZ Incorporated. On the day of Ever Grande Cowala’s Charity Event, we were luckily joined by various VIPs including Evergrande Dairy Group general manager Yu Wei Ming whom especially came to Auckland to attend the event, chairperson of Foundation of Youth Development NZ Mrs Desley Simpson, New Zealand Chinese Ambassador to Commercial Consulate Mr Chen Jing, GMP managing director Karl Ye as well as various GMP suppliers & customers.

During Karl’s opening speech, he said that “the company has received great support in NZ over the last 14 years. It’s now time to pay back to the community for the support,”

In order to demonstrate Evergrande GMP’s determination to promote public welfare, and in concert with Evergrande’s “Angel Tour Charity Event” in China, here in New Zealand we have launched Cowala’s “One tin of Cowala, 10c of love” donating plan. For each can of “Cowala Charity Infant Formula” sold in China, 10c will be donated to Foundation of Youth Development NZ to help New Zealand children and teenagers in need.

The donating plan was officially launched by Mr Yu Wei Ming, Mrs Desley Simpson, Mr Cheng Jing and Mrs Rachel Stotter of Fonterra. Mr Yu and Mrs Simpson also signed a joint memorandum as a starter to cooperation.

GMP Dairy philanthropy also coincides with Evergrande Group; recently, GMP Dairy attended New Zealand autistic children's charity auction dinner donations night and won various paintings by autistic children. All donations went towards the fund of Association for Children with Autism. During the charity event, another highlight on the day was for all the guest and VIPs to witness the scene of the VIPs hanging up the painted drawings at GMP’s new Logistic center as a souvenir.

“One can of Cowala, 10c of love” donating plan is only a starting point towards Evergrande GMP’s public interest in New Zealand. Evergrande Cowala will continue to expand our interest in public welfare to more areas to support public service and childcare support in New Zealand. We will continue to spread love and to the best of our ability help to make this world a better place.