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News List > Media Article: The world’s No.1 intelligent infant formula production line launching in New Zealand


Media Article: The world’s No.1 intelligent infant formula production line launching in New Zealand

Date: 6 August 2014

Sources:People Net: The world’s No.1 intelligent infant formula production line launching in New Zealand

New Zealand Trade Minister Tim Groser

After over a year of intensive preparation, New Zealand’s first pharmaceutical grade infant formula manufacturer, GMP Dairy Limited has recently finalized the installation of its second infant formula production line. On 5th August 2014, the New Zealand Trade Minister Tim Groser officially launched this state of the art infant formula processing line. Member of Parliament Jami-Lee Ross also attended this event joined by about 200 guests, including government officials, numerous business leaders, exporters and distributors.

At the launch, the Trade Minister Tim Groser highly commented on GMP’s innovative systems and its serious attention to food safety, especially infant formula safety. He was also extremely impressed with GMP’s patented “Black box” and traceability technologies which enable the production to be transparent to the public. New Zealand has gained high reputation on food safety internationally and Minister Groser believed that GMP’s forward thinking and self-developed technologies will eventually contribute to New Zealand food trade development.

During the event, GMP’s Assistant Operations Manager Stelios Simpson introduced the techniques and concepts applied to the new infant production line. This new line is regarded as leading global infant formula production standards through its incorporation of patented technologies such as the internally developed “Black Box” system, consumer-friendly 3D smartphone integrated traceability system and automatic finished production inspection system.

The “Black Box” system is integrated with various recording devices, such as CCTV cameras, sensors, batch readers, X-Ray images and other devices installed at all critical stages of production. GMP Dairy is able to collect all the information and data, and store in a safe location that is resistant to fire and earthquake. The consumer-friendly 3D smartphone integrated traceability system records a digital image and a physical image of each individual unit, and generates a unique QR code for each product. This QR code is accessible by customers on their mobile applications and can be scanned before purchase. The digital image allows customers to see the internal composition of the product and to make sure there are no metal contaminants in the product. In addition, consumers can see various important information about the product and supply chain. The physical image of the unit with the QR code helps customers identify fake products.

GMP’s new production line also utilizes sophisticated robotic systems and a Vertical Gravity Drop processing system, all of which reduces labour required and substantially prevents contamination through minimizing human error and interference.

GMP Dairy is the first infant formula manufacturer to develop and apply these technologies to the production of infant formulas, with the aim of improving product integrity, authenticity and safety. These innovative systems have received a large amount of attention from the local New Zealand and overseas media.

In March 2014, GMP Dairy’s pharmaceutical grade system also impressed auditors from Certification and Accreditation Administration of the Peoples Republic of China (CNCA). As a result, GMP Dairy was the only company out of the thirteen infant formula plants in New Zealand to be registered by the Chinese government for manufacturing and exporting of infant formula products to China, without needing to undertake any corrective actions. According to China’s new regulations on imported infant formula, only registered manufacturers are able to make and export infant formula to China.

The successful commissioning of this new production line will enable GMP Dairy to process about 40,000 tons of value added dairy powder products.