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Babies can hold onto an object with one hand and transfer it to the other
  • they can reach out and deliberately touch something or grab something
  • they will begin putting toys, and anything else they can reach, into their mouth
  • hold their head and back straight when you support their body
  • wave their arms and kick their legs when lying on their back
  • with support, they can be pulled from lying down to sitting up

Also there are some signs of physical development:

  • They start to play with their hands and feet,
  • They manage to hold onto a toy you place in their hands,
  • They like watching things that move and follow a toy with their eyes and show interest in hangling and moving objects,
  • They like to make noises and to ‘talk’ to you with different sounds, so when you talk to them leave spaces for them to respond with their own contribution,

Babies of this age may start to show a clear preference for the people they reconise. They may cry if someone new holds them, they may cry or start to fuss if they’re in a busy and noisy atmosphere.
Babies of this age are always active. Their increased head control means they can follow the action of anything that catches their attention, and their improved grasp and ‘holding on’ skills means they can keep an object in their hands long enough to study it well, visually and with their hands and mouth. Unless they are asleep, they are moving their bodies, and learning, communicating, understanding and making connections the whole time.
Your baby will now be sleeping an average of 14 to 15 hours in every 24 hours with two to three naps during the day. (these are the guidelines no two babies are alike).