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Learning to be a good father is not easy. It takes time, energy, interest, and responsibility. Most of all, your love and care are the most important things for a baby’s development. When raising a child, no two days are the same, each day brings new questions and new challenges. It often leaves father’s asking themselves, where and how do we learn to become a good father?
The bad news is there’s no manual to teach men how to be good dads. You may be thinking, well, where is the information? Were we out of the room when it was all explained? We all know the new mother gets help, by talking to her mother, friends, or professionals about breast feeding, changing diapers, or what to expect in caring for her infant. But less of this education is directed at fathers—despite the fact that it is just as important for the child to have a father learn to be a good dad as it is for the mother to learn to be a good mum. Mums can help be a part of the father’s learning process by being aware of their behavior and encouraging fathers’ involvement in their children's lives from infancy. Knowing, too, how mothers attitudes toward fathering affect how dads father their children may also be beneficial.
And here are some useful tips for you
1. Make sure that you start catching up on sleep and relaxing now, as much as possible. You're going to need it.
2. Help your partner set up the baby's room. You can put the furniture together, and paint the room (if it's needed).
3. Parenting classes can be helpful for parents-to-be. They will show you how to do all kinds of things, from changing diapers, to bathing your baby.
4. Read the parenting books, they offer a lot of information for new parents and parents-to-be.
5. To know how to properly put your baby's car seat into your car. Know how to properly put your baby into the seat. Studies have shown that many baby seats are installed the wrong way.
6. Discuss your thoughts and emotions (positive and negative) with your partner - nothing is too trivial or silly. Communicating well is going to become essential to the both of you - take the time now to understand where each of you is coming from.
7. Sing and talk to the baby before it's born. It can certainly hear you, and the more it hears your voice, the more it will be reassured by being close to you after it's born.
8. Talk about your partner's expectations of you during the birth. If you feel that there is any doubt about your ability to provide her with the support she’s going to need, tell her now. She can make alternate arrangements to have a relative, friend, or parents come in to help too.